My invites are already designed, are you able to print it for me?
We do not offer printing only services. The main reason for this, we don’t do the printing ourselves so we’d simply be passing you along to a local printer. The best thing to do is to search for a local printer, give them a call and let them know what your needs are.

Why should we go with your services instead of DIY?
We aren’t opposed to DIY at all! We’ve worked with several clients who wanted to DIY some of the process and we were happy to help them along. If you’re thinking about going this route, there are several things you should consider:

Designing and producing invites and stationery is our expertise. We have all the design software, supplies and vendor relationships to get the job done right, and as efficiently as possible. We know what to look out for, what will work and what won’t. We take care of all the details and the behind the scenes, so you can free up your time for other things.

So many DIYers underestimate the complexity of printing and production time. If these factors aren’t taken into account from the beginning, you may be left disappointed and overwhelmed.

Common issues we see DIYers run into:

  • Not being able to use all the card stock they bought because most professional print shops will NOT let you bring in your own
  • Files aren’t set up correctly for the printers or the quality of the file is poor leading to invites that are blurry or pixelated
  • Odd invitation sizing leading to extra printing fees, trouble finding envelopes to use, and extra postage
  • Wanting a specialized effect like foiling or letterpress but not having the knowledge to design for such a process
  • Not realizing how much time it takes to actually make everything

A lot of times, people opt to DIY to save money. What’s not anticipated are the extra materials and tools they need to buy to make a beautiful product. And, if any part of the design or printing doesn’t go smoothly, costs rise to correct the errors or to have them redone. What we quote is what you can expect to pay, unless there are changes along the way approved by you. You don’t have to worry about surprises.

Lastly, consider your skillset and interest in DIY. If you’ve never done any sort of designing or crafting, we would strongly recommend hiring a professional. Your wedding stationery is too important to treat as a first time experiment.

I love foiling and letterpress, why is it so expensive?
These are specialty print processes that are more complex and require more time, labour and materials. The set up cost is quite high compared to other printing methods, which makes for a more expensive cost per invite.

Do you do consultations?
Yes! We offer consultations in person, over the phone, via video chat or simply over email. While it’s ideal to meet face to face, at least half our clients are located outside of our city and we do everything online. It does not take away from the process at all.

In order to make the best use of our time, we prefer to schedule consultations once you have a fairly clear idea of what you’re looking for. We ask you to come prepared with a rough estimate of the quantity you need, the look and feel you like (Pinterest boards are great for this), some idea of the format you’re interested in and a general idea of what information needs to be included in the invite. Our goal is to be able to provide you with a quote for consideration after the session. If you’re still in the exploratory stage, we suggest browsing our portfolio to see if our work is a good fit for you.

Do you provide the wording?
Wording is very specific to each couple so we don’t provide any wording. What we can offer are examples of common wording and it’s up to you to modify it to suit your needs. IMPORTANT: the spelling and correctness of the wording is the sole responsibility of the client. While we try to catch any obvious errors, we don’t edit or proof any of the content.

Can you print my invite in another language?
Yes! We just need the wording, in that language, provided to us in a Word or PDF document.

Will I get to see a proof of my invite before it’s printed?
We provide digital drafts and proofs throughout the design process, however we don’t do hard copy proofs unless specifically requested and for an extra fee. Almost all of our clients are quite satisfied with digital proofs as they are very convenient and easy to review.

The colour on the screen looks different from what was printed – why is that?
Every monitor is calibrated differently and unless it’s been matched specifically to the printer, there will be some variation. Our monitors are calibrated fairly closely and we make every effort to match it samples viewed in person. This hasn’t been an issue for our clients but if it’s a big concern, we suggest you request a hard copy proof or swatch samples.

Are you able to mail the invites for me?
Yes! For our busier clients, we have assembled, addressed and mailed off the invites on their behalf.

Are you able to address the invites for me?
Yes! Please refer to the envelope section of the guide for more details.

Do you design for and work with members of the LGBTQ community?
Absolutely, without a doubt.