Custom Wedding Stationery

Well-designed wedding stationery can lay the foundation for your overall vision. It provides a consistent way to bring various aspects of your wedding together in a cohesive manner, all the while conveying the tone, the style, the feel and the fun to be expected.

Custom Wedding StationeryTake wedding invites as an example. They are like a tease, providing a glimpse into what to expect on “the big day”. One look and your guests will know exactly the kind of experience they can expect.

Don’t forget, from invites to thank you cards and everything in between, we’re talking elements that EVERY GUEST (even the ones who don’t make it) will see and touch.

So why settle for something mediocre? Your wedding is a unique and personal experience and your stationery should reflect the same, in a way that’s customized and personalized to what you want and need.

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What we do

Leave your wedding stationery completely in our hands. We consider ourselves a full service studio, providing couples with an experience that’s enjoyable, attentive, and most importantly, stress free.

The amount of service you need is up to you – we are here to serve you in the way that suits you best.

As a full service studio, we can take care of the following for you:

  • Guidance through the entire stationery process

    We’ll walk you through all the elements involved, going from concept to production.

  • Custom design of the stationery

    We design something new and unique for every client – no templates here!

  • Sourcing of all materials

    We take care of finding the paper, envelopes, embellishments and anything else needed.

  • Printing

    We work with local printers, ensuring the best results for your stationery.

  • Hand assembly and finishing touches

    We personally attend to each item, making sure it’s finished to perfection.

  • Mailing services

    We can stamp and put in all in the mail on your behalf – a great option for those who are really busy.

  • Referral to other vendors

    We can recommend other vendors who offer excellent service.

There’s a lot to consider for stationery and we can take care of any or all of the following for you:

  • Before the big day
    • Save the dates
    • Ceremony cards
    • Reception cards
    • RSVP cards
    • Other inserts (pre/post wedding events, travel info, etc.)
    • Envelope addressing
    • Monograms
  • During and after the big day
    • Programs
    • Seating charts
    • Menus
    • Place cards
    • Signs
    • Table numbers
    • Favour tags
    • Thank you cards
What is custom?

When we say custom, we mean custom. That is, every design is unique and created specifically just for you. We don’t use templates or reuse designs from others. Our goal is to translate your personality and style onto paper and this can only be done by working closely together in a collaborate design process.

Christine + Derrick Wedding Crossword

Custom also means we can create specific pieces or use formats that you may not find available from standard retailers. Some more unique pieces we’ve created are:

  • personalized mini crosswords for guests as a dinner activity
  • origami folded hearts for guests to write a message in to the couple
  • a poster size invite that folds up neatly to fit in a standard envelope

We also do a lot of multi-language invites and design pieces that are culturally specific. As long as you can provide us with the wording, we’re able to produce it.

Custom is the best choice for couples who:

  • Can’t find what they’re looking for from other available vendors
  • Have specific needs for their stationery that other standard designs don’t accommodate
  • Place high value on their stationery and want to engage in a collaborate and fun design experience
  • Aren’t in a rush
  • Are comfortable NOT choosing from already made designs and trust in the design process

Quoting and Pricing

Because everything we design is specific to your needs, it’s difficult to give pricing without knowing more details. It’s like asking how much it costs to design and build a house. The architect you hire to design the floor plans, the labour needed to build it along with you choice in materials for the floors, kitchen and bathrooms all impact the price.

If you’re very early on in your planning process and just want a rough estimate for budgeting purposes, our services tend to fall in the $8-$15/invite for about 75 invites. Fewer invites don’t necessarily mean less cost per invite but the price per invite does tend to come down with higher quantities.

It’s important for you to decide on what your budget range is because there is no limit to what we can design and make for you. For most (if not all) of our clients, budget is the deciding factor when it comes to settling on what they want for their stationery.

In order for us to provide even a rough estimate, we would need to know at least the following:

  • when the pieces are needed by
  • the quantity needed
  • the number of pieces in your invite (ceremony/reception card, rsvp card, other inserts) or the pieces needed for your day of stationery
  • your thoughts on the format (flat card, folded cards, pocket folds, etc.)
  • any particular paper you want to use (matte, shimmer, cotton, etc.)
  • any particular printing process you want (letterpress, foiling, etc.)
  • what sort of style you have in mind (romantic, modern, vintage, etc.)

If you’re interested in getting a quote, please fill out our contact form below to get started.

How we’ll work together

  • Consultation

    We often start off with a consultation, whether it’s in person here in Vancouver, by phone, Skype or via email. At this stage, we’re gathering as much information to build a quote and to also get clear on the design direction. We go over things like paper choices, colour scheme, format options, your vision and your specific needs.

  • Quoting and getting started

    After the consult, we send you quotes based on what was discussed. Upon acceptance of a quote, you then pay 50% of the total cost as a non-refundable deposit to begin the design. We don’t begin any design work until a deposit has been paid. At this time, we would also need the wording for the invitation and anything else that’s necessary to get started.

  • Design

    Throughout the design process, you will see drafts and have opportunities to provide feedback and to make changes. Once you sign off on the design, it goes to print and production. During the process, it’s not uncommon to make changes to the final quantity or to add other elements. This is only done with your approval.

  • Delivery and payment

    Once the invites are ready, we request the final 50% prior to delivery. Delivery can be done by in-person pick up or we can ship using your preferred method.

  • Beyond the invitations

    For day of stationery, we draw upon your invite for the design so there isn’t a need for another consultation but the rest of the process is similar. However, if we didn’t design your invites, we suggest getting in touch earlier so we can discuss the design direction you’d like for your day of pieces.


For invitations
This really depends on what is being designed and how many pieces need to be produced. Most of our projects fall in the 2-4 month range. Factors such as our current project load, how long it takes to start the project, the number of rounds of feedback, and the complexity of production all impact the timeline.

If you’re in need of invites within a month, it’s likely that we won’t be able to accommodate you. It’s best to contact us as soon as possible to ensure we have space for a comfortable design process.

For day of stationery
We generally suggest starting this about 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. While we can do some design without the finalized guest list, most items are based on guest count or information that’s yet to be finalized (e.g. menu) so there’s no need to start too much earlier than your RSVP deadline. We try our best to have everything delivered to you several days before your big day.

Want to learn more?

Head on over to our invitation and stationery guide, which gives a general overview of all things wedding stationery related. It’ll cover most of what you’ll need to consider before and during the design process. If any of what you read above is a mystery, then our guide is a great place to start.

Or, check out our FAQs for more info.

And, if you’re ready to get in touch for a quote or to see if we’d be a good fit for your needs, please fill out the form below. As we offer custom services, we aren’t able to quote without getting a good sense of what you’re looking for. We do our best to respond within 2 business days.

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