Kari-Anne + Andrew

Last year, I helped my good friends Kari-Anne and Andrew kick-off their wedding celebrations with a style that really echoed their personalities, and more importantly, their chemistry. These were THE most fun invites I’ve ever had the pleasure designing, and I hope this inspires many future brides to reconsider what they choose for their own.

This project actually didn’t start out with robots. It started out like any other wedding invite project – Kari brought me a collection of sample invites she seemed to like. But as we went through some initial ideas, one thing was clear – the ideas were “nice” but they weren’t as meaningful as they could be. That’s when Andrew sent me a picture of a robot he really liked. Being the big gamer that he is, we all thought that this idea was perfect. And so a new wedding theme was born.

Fun, spontaneous, tech-savvy, pop culture-ish, and slightly geeky (no offence, this is a compliment), the wedding couple were so generous with the way they let the stationery evolve. See below for the invite, envelope + personalized label, map, and RSVP card.

A stock circuitry pattern was edited and adapted as subtle accents to each piece. The map was drawn and stylized to ensure it complemented the personality of the invite card.

Now many people don’t use RSVP cards anymore, but this particular invite was sent to a wide range of guests – in both age and location. The goal was to make it easy for older and distant invitees to respond by giving them a postcard they can pop in the mail, especially those who felt uncomfortable with email.

See more matching stationery too! Click here to read an older post of the table cards and seating chart designed for their big day.

> Christine

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