Jennifer + Emiliano

One of the best events that I’ve attended so far has been my best friend’s wedding. Set in Rome, Italy at dusk, ceremony at an absolutely gorgeous church followed by a reception at a hilltop villa – how could it be anything other than perfect? With such a romantic and elegant setting, it called for a wedding invite that would be worthy of representing such a special night. I definitely didn’t want to disappoint!

A creamy, linen paper and ribbon, along with a beautiful script set the right tone for the lovely nuptials.

Essentially we needed three versions of the invite: one in English, one in Italian and one for guests who would only be attending the Canadian reception. By using a folded, outer card we could mix and match the right enclosures for the inside and tie it all up nicely with the ribbon.

The colours for the summer wedding were sage and coral and to draw the setting of the wedding into the invite I designed a baroque, flourish pattern to use throughout the pieces.

The finer details really set the invite apart such as the pattern on the inside of the envelope and a custom monogram embossed on every invite. Using their initials E & J, I was able to create an ampersand. The perfect typographic representation of their union.

It was a fabulous night with the best Italian food, tons of champagne and being the maid of honour to my best friend was amazing. She’s set the bar pretty high for the rest of us unmarrieds. Regardless, to see my best friend marry the love of her life was awesome. Congrats Jen and Emy!

~ Cassie

{ images from Cassie }

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