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Robot invitations set

Designing from scratch is rewarding, but incorporating a client’s artistic flare makes it even more enjoyable. The end result is something that is personal and cherished by the couple together. This was the project for Heather + Jake, who got married this past November in Perkasie, PA.

wedding photo

Heather + Jake wedding

They brought us their own robot illustration and asked for our help with designing a matching female robot. All this, plus save-the-date cards and wedding invites.

The original robot they provided was not your stereotypical robot, but one with whimsy and curiousness. So drawing a complementary female robot was loads of fun! It was like matchmaking, but without the complexity. And really it was, since Heather + Jake were so collaborative and appreciative throughout this project. It helped make things go smoothly. (thank you!)

Once the matchmaking was done, the curiousness of the robots were what inspired the “peek-a-boo” look of the save-the-date postcards. Guests would need to wait for the invitations to see them in their entirety.

The wedding invitations were tri-fold and designed with a loose RSVP card tucked inside. A matching circuit-like pattern was used throughout to further emphasize the robot theme.

Here’s a closer look at the robots.

The RSVP cards were also postcard-style for ease.

With Heather + Jake wanting a black and white colour scheme, it helped make the illustrations pop and focus attention on what’s most important in this stationery set – the bride + groom. And of course, add a touch of elegance.

Robot invitations set

Heather + Jake, thank you for letting us work on this wonderful project. Congratulations and we hope this helped make your special day memorable!


> Christine

{ photos provided by Heather + Jake, photos of the wedding collateral taken by Christine }

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