Gabe + Gretchen

One of the things we love about custom wedding invites is the opportunity to get to know our clients over a period of time. Learning about them, their story and the vision for the wedding is such a privilege.

Gabe (a former Jr. A hockey player) + Gretchen (a former choir girl), met as med students and planned to get married in South Africa as that’s where Gretchen was originally from. Given their super busy schedule as they completed their residency prior to their wedding, we were happy to take all the wedding stationery work off of their plate and appreciated their trust in us to execute their vision.

The first thing we did was design a monogram for the couple, which we used throughout their various pieces of stationery.

Following that, we tackled the save the dates. With a destination like South Africa, they wanted to ensure guests had plenty of notice to plan their attendance. Gretchen wanted to play on the the theme of travel so we used a luggage tag as the format.

Then it was time for the formal invites. Invites for destination weddings tend to include a bit more info and this was the case for Gabe + Gretchen. We needed to include directions to the vineyard (where the wedding was held) as well as accommodation information. And with guests coming from both South Africa and Canada, everything was conveyed in two languages: English and Afrikaans. To keep everything together nicely, we used a band with their monogram on it to wrap it all up and added that little extra something with the gold liners.

Here’s their monogram on the menu and seating chart.

Some other photos from their beautiful day.

Finally, the following summer, Gabe + Gretchen held a reception back in Canada for the guests who couldn’t join them on the big day. We used a photo from their wedding and created postcard invites for the more casual affair.

This was definitely one of our more favourite projects. It was really neat to see it all come together over a period of a year and we couldn’t be happier for our work to complement the look and feel of the day so well.

Thank you Gabe + Gretchen for collaborating with us and trusting the whole process!

~ Cassie

{ All images of the couple and their wedding taken by Kikitography. See more images from Gabe + Gretchen’s day. All images of wedding stationery taken by Christine }

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