Whooo’s crazy for owls?

Birds have been a pretty strong design trend for a while but often only featuring cutesy tweeting birds. I think it’s time the owl got its due!

It’s never too early to network.

Creative business cards aren’t just for adults anymore. If you’re a mom and you have a budding social butterfly in the house, you may have heard of playdate cards.

Wood you?

Inspired designs with creative roots. “Wood” you crash every party just to re-wrap all the gifts? Or “wood” you give gift wrap as a gift? After one look, this beautiful woodgrain gift wrap made me consider. I want to share some cool woodgrain products with you, and this gift wrap from RedStamp is only the start.

Draw Those Wall Flowers

Did you draw on walls as a kid? I used to grab a crayon and draw ice creams that went on as far as the wall went. Well I sure wish I was a kid again! Chalkboard Animals by Wall Candy Arts are removable decals that make drawing on walls infinite.

Holding things together with style.

Packing tape has come a long way. Gone are the days where the only option would be the clear, but boring, yet functional roll bought in packs of 12.