Sweet. Inside and Out.

Another post to savour! Mmm, chocolate packaging that hits the spot and satisfies your craving for printed design.

Chocolate Research Facility is based in Singapore and offers 100 different flavours. Their packaging designs are just as fun as wrapping paper!CRF_Choco_525w

Chocolate Research Facility


Chocolate Research Facility


Chocolate Research Facility

Après Peau Chocolate Tour also made me smile. Black and white designs + 1 colour communicate sophistication. This particular series is their limited edition “Inauguration Celebration” milk chocolate. Just one of their many product lines “hand-selected for its smart, unique, practical or entertaining commentary on living and giving in Washington D.C.”Apres_Choco_525w

Apres Peau Chocolate Tour

Another worthy design is Alice Chocolate. I call it the feminine matchbox. Don’t you wish this was metal for keepsake purposes?Alice_Choco_525w

Alice Chocolate

And finally, a cute polka dot Chokolade, as found on Moshi Moshi. What a satisfying way to end a PMS post. Cheers everyone!Moshi_Chokolade_525w


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  1. I visited the Chocolate Research Facility this week while on holiday in Singapore, thanks to your blog. I visited the new branch on Orchard Rd. where a mindnumbing number of flavours line the one wall of the store. I wouldn’t know which flavour to start with! Each bar goes for S$8 (CDN$6) or S$10 (CDN$7.50). They had some pretty cool giftware as well.

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