Saying thanks without getting sappy

It’s not that we don’t like expressing gratitude but sometimes the cards to say thanks are just so damn cheesy and sappy. Either we cringe in giving them or the person receiving it cringes because it’s over the top or comes across disingenuous.

So, we’re keeping it real with our new thank you cards. It’s possible to say thanks with snark and style, especially when the snark is self-referential, the typography, bold and the patterns, fun.

You can purchase any of these thank yous with edge at our Etsy shop or our various stockists.

You're Awesome, Thanks for your help!

My gratitude is only exceeded by my awkwardness in expressing it

I normally hate people so this thank you card is a big deal

Thanks for being awesome - my shit list was running out of room

You shouldn't have but I'm glad you did

Thanks for showing up when you said you would

~ Cassie