It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is still one of the few holidays where people still give each other greeting cards and it’s a nice bit of tradition that we like being a part of.

For 2014, we refreshed our entire line of Christmas cards. We kept some of the crowd favourites and designed a whole bunch of new ones to poke fun at the holidays.

They are available on our Etsy shop, at various stockists and if you’re local to Vancouver, you’ll also find them at the Unwrap Etsy pop-up event from Nov 14-19.

Christmas-Wonderful-Time-Regift Christmas-Team-Bonding Christmas-Social-Obligation Christmas-Save-the-Elves Christmas-Santa-Cookies Christmas-Peace-Quiet Christmas-Holidays-Together Christmas-Elf-Loses-Job Christmas-Elastic-Pants Christmas-Dog-Poo Christmas-Booze Christmas-Bad-Decisions Christmas-All-is-Calm Christmas-3Rs

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Christine }