Devlin + Ed

Most couples come to us for custom invitations where we take care of everything. From ideation to production and delivery – we do it all.

Once in a while though, we get brides looking to have a more hands on experience, wanting to do a bit of DIY with our help. This is definitely something we encourage and it can be a great choice for those who want to personally put on the finishing touches, or maybe to save a bit on costs by doing some of the assembly themselves.

Devlin and Ed

Devlin was such a bride. She came to us with great vision and a willingness to do the invitation making herself. We provided the design and printing and she took care of the rest.

Together, we created a pocket invite with lovely ribbon and embossing details. The shimmer card stock added a special touch to the entire suite. The centre of the invite focused on the ceremony and reception details. Tucked in the pocket were the RSVP postcard and a map to the venue.

Devlin + Ed pocket invitation set

Devlin + Ed classic pocket invitation

Devlin + Ed ring

For ultimate personalization, we designed a custom monogram just for her and Ed. The monogram was embossed on various pieces and used throughout the venue on the day of.

Devlin + Ed classic pocket invitation monogram

Devlin + Ed favour card

The pattern on the invitation was inspired by a craft punch Devlin used on other decor items. By incorporating it into the printed pieces, it gave the entire wedding a cohesive look.

Devlin + Ed menu

For the seating chart, we created individual panels which were easy to assemble.

Devlin + Ed seating chart

Devlin + Ed waterfront

Thanks Devlin for choosing us to help design your wedding stationery and being such an on the ball, collaborate bride. We wish you and Ed all the best!

~ Cassie

{ images provided by Devlin }