Lines and Slanted Type

In our experience working with modern couples, we find that grooms are just as involved as the brides. After all, it’s their wedding too! And while weddings do tend to have a more feminine touch when it comes to the style, we feel there should be more options than just pastels and flowers. Behold, our lines and slanted type wedding invitation and stationery set from our line of ready to go, print-it-yourself wedding invitations and stationery. There are no flowers, garlands or hearts to be found anywhere here. This is strictly all about type and layout.

The typography and angled layout shouts modern and bold, with minimal fuss and decoration. In this example we chose some more masculine colours but like all the other ready to go invitations, you can change the colours to suit your wedding palette. We used this design for a wedding show postcard recently with different colours and it changed the whole look completely!

See the entire suite below and visit our online shop to buy the lines and slanted type suite or to check out our other designs.

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Christine }