New Cards to Congratulate!

Congrats Match

This past September marked the birth of my little one, and life has since been a whirlwind. And despite being sleep deprived and continuously drooled on, I can’t help but think of how I can turn this experience into a new card! Oh, the 3.5 months experience of raising a newborn has spurred so many new ideas. And even ideas for weddings, birthdays, and events that just call for simple congratulatory remarks.

Let’s start with weddings… This one’s for the competitive couple:

Congrats Match

Or this one’s just for a chuckle…

Congrats Ball & Chain

We spun off our popular “Walker Sports Car Birthday” card into one for moms/dads-to-be:

Baby Stroller Sports Car

As well, added a set of 6 pretty and patterned congratulatory cards.

Congrats 6 pack

Visit our Etsy shop to see the rest! Happy New Year and hope you’re feeling as rejuvenated as we are!


> Christine