Love + Babies

Baby Well Hello

It seems like only yesterday it was New Years (well, technically Chinese New Year was yesterday) but we’re zooming along towards February which means Valentines Day is around the corner.

While you should be showing the one you care how you feel all year long, Valentines Day is but one very obvious excuse to make declarations of love. It might also be a good time to make babies. Although apparently that should happen all year round too!

So, to celebrate both of life’s greatest pleasures we have in the shop some new love and baby cards.

Here’s a peek:

Love is Warming My Feet Up at Night

Love is Letting Me Have the First Bite of Dessert

And the baby cards:

Baby Well Hello

Baby Your Family is Growing

Aside from the love and baby cards, we also have one very special offering, just for the guys!

Men Deserve Engagement Gifts Too

See you over at our Etsy and Felt & Wire shops!

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Christine }