Bianca + Dylan

One of our most popular wedding invite designs is the robot theme. It seems there are more chic geeks out there than we realize! No matter, it’s one of our favourite designs too and when Bianca + Dylan contacted us for their own custom twist to the robot design for their wedding invite, we were happy to help.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Bianca + Dylan were looking for a fun invite that guests would say, “that’s so Bianca and Dylan” when they opened it up. With the bright colours, playful robots and cute wording, it certainly matched the mood of the wedding that would be held in the artistic enclave known as DUMBO.

Despite the tight turnaround, Bianca was so great work with – on the ball and together we made it happen!

Along with the invite we also designed some matching jar labels to go on the gummy bear wedding favours.

We were so thrilled to hear the great reactions from Bianca + Dylan’s guests upon opening their invite. As designers, we truly aim to wow the pants off anyone viewing our work and these comments really made our day:

“I hate canned, stupid, typical invites…yours is so awesome…way to go out on your own and be original.  Fabulous.  Well done.  Honored to be invited.”

“We got your invitation in the mail and it is off the hook! By far the best wedding invitation of all times. Seriously, so perfect and so you two and so impressively individualized. Well done!”

“I got your fantastically amazing wedding invite the other day – seriously hands down it’s the best nuptial invite I have ever gotten! Did you guys design it yourselves?”

And from Bianca + Dylan:

“Cassie and I’ll Know It When I See It were a wonderful part of our wedding planning.  Robots have a special meaning to us and we were eager to incorporate them into our wedding invites.  Cassie really understood the aesthetic that we were going for, came up with great recommendations, and at the same time, listened to what we wanted.   She was extremely attentive and changes came back quickly which we truly appreciated.  Everybody thought our invitations were so unique and nobody had ever seen anything like them.  More importantly, we absolutely loved them.  In addition, I’ll Know It When I See It came up with wonderful labels for our party favors that tied back in with the invitations.  Cassie, you were the best, thank you for all your help!  You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with you again!”

Thank you Bianca + Dylan for letting us be part of your special day and congratulations again!

~ Cassie

{ wedding images courtesy of Bianca + Dylan, wedding invite images taken by Christine }