Kristal + Ben

Cassie and I had the pleasure of designing another set of invites that showed off the couple’s flair and personality. Kristal and Ben are getting married this summer and gave us the challenge of combining cute + modern + not so serious + fun + different.

Kristal and Ben are using a purple and white theme for their decor and bridal party. But with a more formal Chinese reception being planned, you can’t help the flood of red that creeps in with such an event. As well, with two cartoon characters being incorporated into various decor, those characters also bring red into the theme.

Luckily for us, purple and red do work well together – in the right doses.

The end result? A 3-panel folded invite sealed with a sticker. A loose script font helped accentuate the down-to-earth and fun personalities of Kristal and Ben.

There were 3 pieces total – a folded Invite, a separate Ceremony Card, and custom-printed envelope (the address info was photoshopped out for privacy reasons). Not everyone would attend the ceremony, so that would explain why it was a separate piece. We needed to give Kristal and Ben the flexibility of including it or not.

The folded invite included reception info and a map. The ceremony card is the one with the red patterned background on the back. The front also included address details and map.

Just sharing something new! If Cassie and I are MIA from this blog from time to time, it’s because we’re busy working on some new projects!

Have a great week everyone!

> Christine

{ images taken by Christine }