The Art of Spam

Who knew spam could be amusing and worth your while? Linzie Hunter, an illustrator, makes it happen. Find her collection of illustrated Spam Postcards, as published by Chronicle Books – send your dear friends laughs, or put your frenemies on edge.

The collection is compiled into a book called “This Secret Weapon Will Give More Power to Your Little Soldier”. Find 30 hand-painted Spam Postcards to tear out and drop in the mail.Spam_Linzie5_500w
This reminds me of my friend Tom, a fellow creative, who announces the latest spam as his new msn name. But what I love about these cards is their colourful personality, and the irony that she made “spam that you’d want to have”.


Spam Postcard


Spam Postcard


Spam Postcard

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    1. Glad you love ’em! Sometimes it’s nice to turn those annoyances into everyday laughs.

  1. I may have to get one and write a letter to “Mr Daniel Tom”, recent widower and heir to his late wife, Mrs Rose Tom’s millions. Given that he needs help in moving his fortune out of Burkina Faso, I’d like to reply to him, telling him I’m up for the task.

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