Fresh Cards for Spring

Walker Sports Car Birthday

We’re excited to announce some new cards in our shop! Fresh in stock are six new witty offerings, mostly birthday cards this time around.

One in particular is inspired by my (not so) little brother. While he’s only 4 1/2 years younger than me, he’s never resisted any opportunity to tell me that I’m old. His favourite term of endearment is calling me a fossil. Lovely isn’t it? Well, you can now too send such a message of love to your friends and family!

Here’s the card:

Fossil Birthday

On the outside it says, “Paleontologists discovered a new fossil today” and on the inside, “You. Happy birthday”

And these are the other birthday cards:

Vintage Birthday

Vomit Birthday

Walking Club President Birthday

Walker Sports Car Birthday
And our new love card:

Joystick Love Card

See you over at our Etsy and Felt & Wire shops!

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Christine }