Easter Egg Hunt… Stationery Style

As a follow up to our popular Valentine’s Day Stand-Up, thought we’d do something for Easter. A few years back, I made an impulse buy based off reading a feature in the Print & Pattern blog. It was an adorable children’s book by Delphine Chedru – “cherche la petite bête”. And even if you feel the need to buy it despite not having kids, don’t worry – I won’t judge. I don’t have kids either.

Filled with bright colours, super awesome patterns, and cute animals, even my non-designer friends “ooh and ahh”. But what makes this book so clever are the animals hidden in each pattern. SUCH A GREAT IDEA. So with Easter coming up, thought we’d do our own version with a series of 3 printable placemats. Call it an Easter Egg Hunt, on a placemat.

Choose from 3 designs that fit on 11 x 17 paper.

1) Find the bunny.
– Find the hidden bunny that’s pictured in the top right corner. It’s in the same colour scheme. After testing this on 3 people, I think the record to beat is 3 minutes.

2) Find the chicken.
– Find the “whole” chicken. There are chickens with missing parts (I know that doesn’t sound very good) but trust me, it’s no where close to seeing a delivery truck with caged chickens. Use the picture of the chicken in the top right corner to know whether you’ve found it or not.

3) Find the eggs.
– There are 3 eggs outlined in the white area on the right. Find those exact eggs amongst the group on the left. But beware, pay attention to details!

If you have access to a colour printer-copier at work or don’t mind hitting up a Staples, these are easy-peasy to print and use! And FREE for you to download! Just right-click the titles above to download the files.

These are perfect for snacktime with the kids or afternoon tea with the girls.

Have a great time with our 2nd Cheek to Chic project! Happy early Easter everyone,
> Christine

{ images from Print & Pattern, Amazon.ca, and taken by Christine }