Topping the Charts!

PowerPoint with clip art is like greasy food on a hot summer’s day. It just doesn’t sit well. Like many of you, I share this same disdain for corporate presentation templates. So today’s post is a quest to find some of the inspiring information graphics from around the web.

What prompted this search was a long time bookmark of mine to Feltron. I can’t even remember how I found this site, but it has kept me coming back for informative inspiration. As seen on the home page, Feltron converts his personal experiences into annual reports. Not that I care what foods he ate, but his annual reports marry beautifully designed stats with strong typography.


Feltron 2008 Annual Report


Feltron 2007 Annual Report


Feltron Editorial Samples

The brainchild of Nicholas Felton, according to his site he spends his days working on Daytum, an online tool to “collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life.” There’s a visual for every story, including yours. Try this tool and let me know what you make of it!!


Daytum by Feltron

Another amazing site is GOOD Magazine. This is an integrated platform for “people who want to live well and do good”. As quoted from their profile, “the company has garnered praise for its unique editorial perspective and fresh visual aesthetic”.

Find striking illustrative graphics depicting current events. The story tells it all. I highly encourage you to bookmark this site for a fresh perspective not only written in word, but designed into a “one-visual-tells-all graphic”.


GOOD Magazine – Transparency: The Largest Bankruptcies in History. “8 of the 20 largest bankruptcies during the last two years of crisis.” Find Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual and GM as the largest sinking ships depicted in the illustration.


GOOD Magazine – Oil: A History. “A short history of black gold, from the ancient Persian army’s flaming oil-dipped arrows to today’s piercing pain at the pump.”

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