Many Ways to Say Thanks

Today, we’ve given our lonely pack of 6 mini cards a new friend – a fellow 6 pack of Thank You cards! Yes folks, that’s right. Our card sets have grown to a big whopping two. But sarcasm aside, we’re excited to have a new set available that’s more focused on type and pattern.

While it’s not our typical wise cracking style, sometimes showing appreciation without the snark is a welcome change. Whether it’s for a shower, a wedding gift, or for just being a friend, send a thoughtful “Thank You” with a pretty and patterned note.

Get 6 patterns, typefaces, and colour. Each are different and unique to make it personal for each friend or family member. Here’s a taste:

This new set is available at both our Etsy and Felt & Wire shops. Visit either shop to see the full collection.

> Christine

{ images taken by Christine }