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In our quest for world stationery domination, we’ve found another new home for our cheeky goods. The Felt & Wire Shop is a fantastic curated marketplace that features tons of letterpress and very well designed print goods. It’s not just on paper either – items range from mugs to tea towels too. If you look to the left, there’s a link  under the “shop us here” heading.

Earlier this week, we were featured on the front page of the marketplace which got us super excited. We’re easily excited but it’s just because we’re so happy for any opportunity to spread our sarcastic humor to those less amused. Check us out!

Here are some other great finds that caught my eye:

I totally LOVE Bingo. I have no idea why, but I do. However, playing it at the local Bingo hall is a bit sad so my love for Bingo is really limited to vintage store finds and holiday cards like this from a.favorite design.

Next is a super clever way of incorporating design with everyday habits. From Vik, this is a poster where you peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square. After 365 days, it should be multi-colour masterpiece. My friend Tony used to do something similar. He had piece of canvas over the kitchen sink and it was covered with all kinds of fruit stickers in a random fashion. So simple but such a great idea.

This last goodie is a customizable city map save the date postcard from Gooseberry Press. By the way, aside from Bingo, I also love maps. And globes. Must be a travel bug thing. Anyway, the illustrations on these postcards are great and I guarantee that no guest will be throwing out (I mean losing) this save the date.

It’s not too late to pick up cards and gifts for Christmas so stop by our shop and take a browse through the rest of the marketplace!

~ Cassie

{ images from a.favorite design, Vik, Gooseberry Press }

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