Even More Wedding Wonderful

Last week I featured some not so generic wedding cards and this week I have a few more to share. Most are on the cheekier side and I’m a big fan of adding humor to situations so I hope you enjoy.

But first, here are a couple cards from Hammerpress. Their letterpress work is fantastic and often rich in pattern and colour.

HammerPress Congratulations Card

HammerPress Wedding Card

I’ve mentioned Offensive+Delightful before in the Sometimes I Don’t Want Nice post and here they are again with their own take on wedding cards.

Offensive+Delightful Wedding Cards

And from Bella Muse via greetQ:

BellaMuse Shotgun Card

And finally, I think these may be my favourites so far. From Dressy Flats, they really tell it like it is!

DressyFlats Sexlife Card

DressyFlats Competing Card

Dressy Flats Hot Friends Card

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  1. It is ALWAYS good to see wedding themed items with a little less saccharine and a little more sacrasm. Thank you for these!

    1. You’re welcome Mari! I totally agree – I suffer saccharine overload sometimes when I walk into a Hallmark store.

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