Delegating is Overrated

In our quest to make millions of dollars off greeting cards (LOL), Cassie and I know to prepare for bumps along the way. But who knew that something as simple as printing a greeting card would turn out to be such a gong show.

Like the first set of cards we did, we decided to go with a local printing company. We love the convenience of digital printers, but ahh, it’s like waiting for paint to dry – it doesn’t happen as fast you hope. Inaccurate trimming, folding that’s off by several millimetres, streaks across floods of colour… it’s no wonder why some of you may know us as control freaks. We only want the best, and why not? You should be able to print what you want, and not change your design because the digital printer can’t handle it. And a quote from my co-worker yesterday, would sum it all up nicely – “you can’t get it right unless you do it yourself”. Amen.

But in all seriousness, we don’t run a press so who are we to talk. We just don’t have the patience for it. Digital printing is great for many other things like postcards, business cards and posters. It’s just not great for us.

But despite all that, we finally worked things out with the local printer and took home some new cards that we’d like you to meet! Say hello to four new fab cards – ones which grow our collection to a big whopping 11! Yes that’s right, we’re taking over the world, 11 special occasions at a time.

Visit our Etsy Shop for more detail on each card. Let us know what you think!

> Christine

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