Wedding Wonderful

If you’re of a certain age (like me) then chances are you’ll be attending a few weddings this summer. In case you can’t tell from this blog already, we abhor the generic and it’s no different when it comes to cards for weddings. Thankfully there are some great card shops out there who offer fabulous designs that aren’t covered with glitter or cheesy sentiments that even the wedded pair won’t buy.

Bumble Ink has some really great cards and they’re also environmentally friendly. Cards are printed with soy based inks on stock containing post consumer recycled content.

Bumble Ink Kissing Card

Bumble Ink Jumping Card

La Familia Green is another environmentally friendly card shop and they have a unique line art style.

La Familia Green Wedding Cards

For the foodies in your life here are a couple cards on etsy that are perfect.

Paper Michelle Taking the Plunge Card

Takin’ The Plunge Wedding Card from PaperMichelle

Rachel Ink Foodie Wedding Card

Dig Into Happiness Wedding Card from rachelink

And here’s a beautiful card from Tiara Designs

Tiara Designs Wedding Card

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