Five For Friday – The Ampersand

This ligature often embodies all the personality of a font & I love the liberties that designers take with it. Of all the characters, this one is my favourite & it’s a sentiment shared by others. In fact, there’s even an ampersand blog. Maybe we love type just a little too much… In any case, here’s to the ampersand coming off the page and into our homes and closets. Have a great weekend!

Veer Ampersand Cufflinks

Ampersand Cufflinks from Veer

House Industries Ampersand Cutting Board

Ampersand Cutting Board from House Industries

Isette Ampersand Necklace

Ampersand Necklace from Isette

Alphabet Bags Ampersand Bag

Ampersand Bag from Alphabet Bags

Lorem and Ipsum Ampersand Tee

Ampersand Tee from Lorem & Ipsum

Front page image is by Nick Sherman

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