I just can’t look away.

One of my absolute favourite lines of stationery is Pop Ink. At first glance it all seems sweet and nice but upon closer inspection the artwork is perverse yet captivating. Like a traffic accident I just have to take a second look.

Pop Ink is thanks to Charles S. Anderson Design, French Paper and Laurie DeMartino Design. They do everything from notebooks and gift wrap to dinnerware and soaps. I love all the designs on the site and it’s well worth the visit. Here are the ones I like best:

PopInk Stranger Manger Glazed and Confused Memo Books
Stranger Manger + Glazed and Confused Memo Books

PopInk Fully Engaged Card
Fully Engaged Single Card

PopInk Tiny Bubbles Soap
Tiny Bubbles Soap

PopInk Well Conceived Memo Book
Well Conceived Memo Books

PopInk Soap Opera Soap
Soap Opera Soap

PopInk Cannibal Kingdom Squirrel
Cannibal Kingdom Squirrel Poster

PopInk Wedding Shower Soap
Wedding Shower Soap

PopInk Seinfeld Commemorative Poster
Seinfeld Commemorative Poster

Another great thing is you can buy the illustrations and other artwork through their microstock site for limited use on your own smaller projects. This is not your average stock image site and there is tons of eye candy and creativity to be found.

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