We Made the Leap…

out of a plane – not to the alter! For my boyfriend’s birthday I took him skydiving. I figured it’d be as good time a time as any for me to do it as well. Skydiving was never super high on my list of things to do but it seemed like a requisite bucket list item – one that should be checked off before I’m responsible for anything more than plants.

There’s really only two places to jump out of a plane willingly near where I live. And when I say near, I mean about an hour away. So out we trekked to the countryside. I booked us with Skydive Vancouver and they’re awesome. They have their own plane, their own airstrip and super friendly staff.

After filling out the I-know-what-I’m-about-to-do-is-crazy-and-I-promise-not-to-hold-you-accountable-for-my-foolish-actions form, we put on our jumpsuits, got briefed and then patiently waited our turn. It was a pretty busy day so we got to chill in the sun and watch other divers for an hour.

When our time came, we put on our soft helmets, got our plastic goggles and strapped into a harness. The plane ride up was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It’s a teeny plane and we have to sit in between each other’s legs in a row. Thankfully the flight was short which also meant I didn’t have much to time to get scared. Truthfully my heart didn’t start racing until they slid open the door and had me dangle my legs out. It was a tandem jump so I’m attached to a dive instructor who does all the hard work (i.e. keeping me alive). That definitely took the fear (mostly) out of the jump. My instructor did probably 20 jumps that day so if it’s safe enough for him, it’s safe enough for me!

Once my legs were dangling out, he counted down from 3 and with a heavy push, we launched out of the plane. The first couple seconds are disorienting (go figure) but as soon as he leveled us out, it was the MOST AMAZING feeling. It’s incredibly calm and the most wonderful sensation of weightlessness. We were in free fall for 40 seconds before he pulled the chute and then for about 5-10 minutes we cruised in the air, slowly heading back down to earth.

Here are some pics from the day. It was so fun, I’ll definitely be doing it again!

Darrel, my instructor checking my harness one last time:


The view from above (we jumped at about 10,000 ft):


Darrel’s attaching me to him:


Here I am, about to leave the plane:


Here we go!




Chute is pulled and we’re floating back to Earth:


Back on solid ground:


Seriously, I would recommend anyone to give it a try. That day, there was a grandmother making her first jump too. Her whole family, including her grandkids were there, waiting to congratulate her afterwards. If grandma can do it, so can you!

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Skydive Vancouver }

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  1. I just can’t believe you did it! you are crazy BRAVEEEE!!!
    I could hear my heart beat while reading your post…Well done Cassie!

  2. Thanks Nona! It was a bit surreal afterwards. I just kept on wanting to say, “guess what I did today? JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!” It’s been a while miss – we should get together soon!

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