I’m a Bad Plant Mama

I’ll be honest. I kill plants. Not intentionally, but in my care (or lack thereof), they don’t often survive. I either water them too much or ignore them for months on end. Just so you know, I have succulents and cacti. Yeah. Obviously not ready for pets or children.

And it’s not my parents’ fault that I’m so bad with living things. We’ve always had a veggie garden. A big one. And it was successful every year. The sweetest strawberries, the crispiest peas, enough potatoes to feed Ireland and so many different kinds of Chinese veggies that I can’t even pronounce. Clearly in that circle of life, I was the consumer.

Anyway, last week I went to a PechaKucha event, which is pretty cool by the way. The presentation format is 20 slides, 20 seconds each. And if you go over, a hook comes out and pulls you off the stage. True story. Or not.

Right, so yes, the focus that night was on Vancouver’s goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. The mayor was there, all these sustainability experts were there and I left feeling extremely inspired to be part of the change. And not in an airy fairy, head in the clouds kind of way either. They offered real, tangible solutions that are already taking place. Our city means business and we all have to do our part. Even plant killers like me.

While it’d be hollywood to tell you that I’m giving up my car and moving to a farm to harvest olive trees or something, that’s just not going to happen. Baby steps people. So where can I start?

I know! I’ll save my almost dead plants and start an herb garden on my window sill.

Which is exactly what I did this weekend. I re-potted my three succulents and am now the proud caregiver to a peppermint plant and a basil plant. To be honest it felt super good to have my hands in dirt and to be all in touch with nature.

Here’s how they’re looking, baby and new and so full of life. And since I’ve told you all about it, I can’t let them die without suffering blog shame. And my reward, other than something not dying on my watch? Daily peppermint tea and pesto!



~ Cassie

{ pictures taken by Cassie with her super awesome camera }

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  1. I’m a plant killer too, not intentionally of course! I just got a basil plant and parsley plant for my balcony, hopefully they’ll still be alive when you visit next!

  2. My basil plant has grown tons but I admit that I’ve had to supplement the natural sun with some artificial light at night. My window sill just isn’t sunny enough and it was starting to look a bit droopy. I’ve been putting it under a lamp at night and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. No deaths to report yet!

  3. My girlfriend was not impressed when I told her the plant is dying…….maybe I’ll try the lamp!

    1. Haha, it just needs light and maybe more water. I found it perked up again after a watering. The past few days it’s been doing great, what with all the sun we’re getting. I think the plant is going to be ok!

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