Paper with a Purpose

Folks, this is more than origami – it’s reinventing paper. Remember that Paper Source calendar we showcased last year? Well, we oohed and ahhed at the simple idea of repurposing a calendar into gift wrap. Well today’s features are even better.

Winning 7 international awards for the below project, Change Advertising communicates a green message with a medium most of us take for granted – the wrap on a ream of paper. They took advantage of the packaging as the best way to advertise their 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The front of the package can be cut out and folded into a mini tree. How cool is that?

Even when the reams are stacked together, they form an image of a tree.


When Derrick and I went shopping the other day, we ran into this package of Fashion Origami. Dresses, shoes, ties, shirts… I’d like to see Barbie go haute couture with these outfits…


Get your message across… faster. Literally. Send a postcard, fly a plane. Suck UK has these great gift ideas, very cheeky and humourous like Fred Flare goodies.


And my favourite of all, the folding arcade for PS3! Cut and fold from a flat of paper – a mini arcade that holds your PS3. Perfect for those of us stuck in the 80s, and enjoy laughing at old Seinfeld re-runs of George running across the street with the Frogger machine…


Professional origami artists, folding masters, paper engineers… I’d like to know how much they get paid.


> Christine

{ images from Suck UK, Change Advertising }

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