Remembering Italy

It has taken me a while, but yes, I’m finally getting around to telling you about my trip to Italy! My family and I went for the first two weeks of April and toured Rome, Florence, Venice, Bergamo and Milan. We started off eating fabulous olive bread, pizza, gelato and ended the trip with a bit of a twist… eating green tea Kit Kats…

This was my first time to Italy and we toured DIY style. Most of my family had been before so they had a good idea of what to do on which day and what time. We covered every tourist destination possible – from the Colosseum, to the Pantheon, Pisa, the Vatican, the Medici Palace, the Uffizi Gallery, Il Duomo and so much more. We rented apartments in each city and got to cook our meals every so often. Grocery shopping is quite reasonable (cost-wise) and the quality of food is just so much better than what we have here in Vancouver.

Favourite Stop? – Florence. Seems laid back and peaceful. Il Duomo offered the best view from any other dome I’ve ever climbed.

Trip Highlights? – The Food. Italy has converted me into an olive lover.

What do I Miss?Panella in Rome. Bakery that our apartment landlords recommended – which was around the corner from where we stayed. They wrapped our pastries better than any Christmas present I’ve ever seen. Also the Canoli from the bakery along Calle Del Forno in Venice (wouldn’t be able to recall the name).


Achievement? – First trip with Derrick in which I didn’t puke. Thanks to Gravol, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this. I downed an entire pack.

How Did We Get Home? – via Tokyo. Yup, Tokyo. The Icelandic volcano (whose name no one can pronounce) erupted the day before we were supposed to leave. We were in Bergamo and were supposed to fly out of Milan. KLM was not picking up their phone so there was nothing we could do but go to the airport to see what our options were. They still had flights leaving the airport, but just not heading over the Atlantic. They offered to fly us Milan via Tokyo via Portland back to Vancouver. 30+ hours travelling was not as bad as it sounded, but it was long. Loved having Teriyaki Chicken and Soba noodles on the plane, especially after eating pasta and pizza for 2 weeks straight!

Well, like any trip, I have to find something stationery related. And I did. Derrick and I learned that Florence was the paper capital of Italy so I was completely psyched. 5 min walk from our apartment in Florence was an Il Papiro stationery chain. Although, you wouldn’t have known it was a chain until reading their shopping bag. Elegant store facade made for cute, quaint and not cookie cutter like the Best Buys and Walmarts of North America.

Anyhow, the friendly staff gave us a tour of their products and even gave us a demonstration on how they made marbleized paper. But what ate up my wallet were the journals and poster prints. For today’s post, I wanted to share with you some of the beautifully stamped prints that made it home with me… undamaged.


I tried to choose prints that were considered Florentine patterns. One day, when Derrick and I upgrade to a house, these will be framed and hung on our walls.


Each colour is printed with a different stamp. Each stamp is intricately designed to fit together.





Thanks for listening today,

> Christine

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  1. Thanks for sharing Christine! I really love the prints, especially the blue vase. Can’t wait to see it in your new home!

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