Font Friday – May 14

Some of my favourite fonts right now all come from the same foundry: Sudtipos. I’m in love with bold, retro-ish scripts and Sudtipos has a fine collection. But they also do great non-script fonts too and this week, I’ll highlight five of my favourite.

I really like skinny fonts. Not sure why, it must be my way of balancing out the big and bold scripts that I also favour. But these skinnys have lots of personality and draw enough attention on their own.

First up is Marzo. So lovely in its simplicity. Love the wide open spaces in each letter.

Sudtipos Marzo

Next is Politica. It seems straight and to the point but upon closer inspection there are some fun quirks happening.

Sudtipos Politica

InLove is all kinds of personality. Thick, thin, serifed and not, you can design a pretty great piece with just this one font.

Sudtipos InLove

Brownstone is more decorative for sure but with restraint it’d make for a very nice headline on the right design.

Sudtipos Brownstone

And to finish off with my second favourite of the five, Santino. Can’t say why I like it so much, but I just do!

Sudtipos Santino

Happy weekend!

~ Cassie

{ images from Sudtipos }

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