If you can’t fold ‘em, stick ‘em!

Flying planes that is… Who said shopping for boys was boring? At Blik, you’ll find home décor Dad will want to buy!

Find your unconventional high-flying decals – or as I like to call ‘em, decoration without commitment. Easy to put up, quick to pull off. Here are some Blik “Fly & Dive” decals for the girls too.

Blik Fly & Dive

Blik Fly & Dive

Designs that fly to the moon, or just some really cool paper planes. Blik designs their own decals and showcases a select few from prominent graphic designers.

Blik Space Decals

Blik Paper Planes and Rockets

Dezign With a Z also sells an awesome old school plane that comes in a wide variety of colours, and 3 different sizes. For the budding Wright Brother or Amelia Earhart in you.

Dezign With a Z - Old School Plane

Dezign With a Z – Old School Plane

Or fighter jets from Apple Pie Design! Clear the runway, the decals are landing!

Apple Pie Design - Planes

Apple Pie Design – Planes

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  1. I’m a big fan of wall tatoos! Found this store in Rome that I love walking into for the hell of it…

    1. Great selection – they have designs I haven’t seen before here in North America.

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