Papel Picado

Happy Cinco De Mayo! One of the best things about living in such a multi-cultural city is that there’s always a holiday to celebrate. I feel like a citizen of the world, taking part in all these cultural festivities. A great way to decorate for today is to make some papel picados.

While it translates directory to “perforated paper”, what it often references is paper art used to decorate spaces for fiestas. Banners, flowers, you name it all made from brightly coloured tissue paper. I was at an authentic Mexican restaurant a while ago and there were tons of paper banners all along the ceiling. It just added instant liveliness to the place.

For some paper decoration ideas, Martha Stewart has some great suggestions. I think even without instructions, it’s pretty simple to figure out. Take a piece of paper, fold in half and start cutting out some shapes and patterns. If you’ve ever made paper snowflakes, this should be just as doable.

If you’re pressed for time or need a whole lot to decorate, you can check out the selection from Casabonampak. Look how cheery the colours are!


There are lots of other options out there, including flags, placemats and custom designs for weddings so this can definitely be considered beyond just today.

If you’re celebrating, have a great party!

~ Cassie

{ image from Casabonampak }

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