Meal Menagerie

Going out for meals with young kids can be a challenge. Trying to get them to sit still and be quiet is an impossible feat without some distractions. Most kids like to doodle on napkins but when I was wee, I loved to fold things instead. Notepad paper from my mom’s purse turned into boats, leaping frogs and fortune tellers. If we were at a Chinese restaurant, I’d take the chopstick paper wrappings and fold them into stars. To this day when I go out for Japanese, I’ll take the wrapper and fold it into a little rest for my chopsticks. It’s just part of my sushi eating routine.

So when I saw these placemats that can be folded into different animals, the child inside of me got pretty excited. Sold in pads of 50, each tear-away page can be folded into one of five animals with instructions printed on the reverse. The animals are the T-Rex, elephant, crane, rooster and a goldfish.

Bring a few sheets along with some markers and hopefully it’ll buy you enough time to get a few bites in!

Animal Placemat TRex

Animal Placemat Crane Rooster

Animal Placemat GoldFish Elephant

~ Cassie

{ images from Nood }

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