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I love my Blackberry. Derrick wants an iPad. We both own iPods and take our laptop home for work. You can call us slaves to our personal electronic devices, but we love ’em. I was browsing etsy and came across Seaside Sew and the plethora of cute and wonderful pouches, holders, cases and sleeves for all of these gadgets.

I’m a new Blackberry owner and truly wish I had converted long long ago. Shopping for gel skins or phone covers is just dismal. Go to a Telus, Rogers or Bell store in Canada and find the exact same dreary colours and unimaginative product accessory designs. So I have currently settled for a gawdy pink gel skin (so that I can tell my Blackberry apart from Derrick’s).

Today, I think I’ve found a saviour. Seaside Sew, a California-based shop, has found the perfect fabrics and patterns for all kinds of electronic gadgets. Own a Kindle or Nook? Keep it safe from damage and just plain old boring-ness with a polka-dot sleeve.

Below is a link to the polka dot case I just got for my BB! I think I just bought the last one in inventory, but perhaps it’ll be posted again…




Velcro flap closure, water resistant, designer fabric, and eco-friendly bamboo padding.


The below item is not water resistant, but is made with a chenille lining that cleans smudges and fingerprints… how cool is that.



This is just awesome news. Just when I was feeling pessimistic about consumer electronic accessories, there is hope.


> Christine

{ images from Seaside Sew }

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