Font Friday – April 2

Fonts are like clothes – one look and you can tell a lot about the person or in this case, the content. Turns out, I’ve been font obsessed ever since learning my ABCs. I used to draw block letters for EVERYTHING. 2D, 3D, with shadows; I did it all. Then in grade 5 I decided that I would write my letter “a” as a double story instead of a single story. Why? It just looked better. When we got our first computer with Word, I typed out every font available onto one page and printed it out for quick reference.

At this point you’ll either think I’m crazy or say, “I did that too!” If you fall in the latter camp, then I hope you enjoy our Font Fridays, featuring fonts that we stumble across and like enough to share with you. Hopefully they trigger some inspiration for your future projects and we’d love to hear what you think of them too.

Lately I’ve been loving fonts with unique serif endings and this updated Victorian typeface is full of personality. Carlingtown Pro by Steve Jackaman and Ashley Muir from Veer.


I love love love the ornamental serifs. This font has a nice modern art deco style and the skinny weight is a nice balance to the bold droplets. Zag by Svetoslav Simov from Veer.


Over the past couple years I’ve really been drawn to full script fonts like this one. They’re not dainty but really interesting to look at and great for headlines. Again, I’m so fond of the pretty serifs right now. Buttermilk by Jessica Hische from Veer.


In a similar vein, I love how the serifs extends over adjoining letters and the nice balance between the thin and thin. Kari Pro by Neil Summerour from Veer.


Last but not least is this gem. An updated French ronde-style script, I can spend hours playing around with all the contextual alternates, old-style figures, fractions, swashes and ornaments. There are tons of ligatures and even has case-sensitive punctuation. Check out that ampersand! Raniscript by Stephen Rapp from Veer.


Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

~ Cassie

{ fonts from Veer }

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