Cameron Moll

Last week, thanks to the Applied Arts blog, I got to read about the latest work from Cameron Moll. A Florida-based designer, his amazing typographic letterpress posters are unbelievable. From afar they look like typical ink renderings of architecture. Look closer and you’ll see an entire canvas filled with typographic detail.

Cameron Moll Colosseo 1

Cameron Moll Colosseo 2

The latest print is of the Colosseo and is my personal favourite. Some may think that spending 250 hours on creating something like this is absolutely insane. But I share that insanity.

When I was in design school, I was obsessed with repetition or creating big things that were made up of a million little things. Like creating a paper mermaid and cutting out the thousands of scales to make the tail. Or making a heart out of a gazillion nails so it looked like 3D pin art (it weighed a ton). I’d like to think it’s my OCD being put to creative use instead of scrubbing the floors over and over again.

But I digress.

Aside from the Colosseo, Cameron has also done a rendering of the Salt Lake Temple in similar style.

Cameron Moll SLT 1

Cameron Moll SLT 2

I can’t wait to see what masterpiece his next 300 hours will bring!

~ Cassie

{ images from Cameron Moll }

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