Umm… There’s a Card For That?

I recently found out an ex of mine got married and it got me thinking about greeting cards for “unique” situations.  I’m sure I could have found what I was looking for given that there are greeting cards for most occasions. It’s how the stationery world goes round. Having said that, not EVERY event to ever occur in the course of human existence needs to be memorialized with a card. Here are some that say things best left unwritten.

By the way – I don’t mean to cut down someone else’s creative endeavors but perhaps they can direct their talents to other occasions? Here we go:

What’s worse… drunk dialing or sending a card afterward to apologize for drunk dialing. This will guarantee that your number will be ignored. Forever.

Unnecessary GreetingCard DrunkDial

Take it from someone who had braces as a teenager – the last thing I want is a card to remind me of the source of pain and social embarrassment that I would be feeling for the next three years.

Unnecessary GreetingCard Braces

I don’t think congratulations and hysterectomy go together…

Unnecessary GreetingCard Hysterectomy

Maybe I’m insensitive but the awkwardness felt by a young girl at this time would only be compounded by this card.

Unnecessary GreetingCard Period

I don’t have a kid myself but I get the feeling a parent may be more appreciative of a card for their efforts instead.

Unnecessary GreetingCard Potty

Let’s not forget to celebrate our cosmetic upgrades!

Unnecessary GreetingCard Lipo

Unnecessary GreetingCard HairTransplant

These are but a few of the gems I found. Rest assured knowing there is indeed a card for EVERY occasion!

~ Cassie

{ images from Greeting Card Universe }

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