Regift: Wrap that Lasts

Continuing on this week’s theme of eco-related products, thought I’d share with you a company that specializes in gift wrap – the kind that doesn’t make you feel bad for consuming. Living Ethos makes beautiful patterned gift bags which can be regifted without the guilt.

When my aunt had a baby shower, one of her friends wrapped the gift in a baby training blanket secured with safety pins. Everyone just loved the idea and I still do today. If you’re going to wrap a gift, why not wrap the gift in something the recipient will use?

Although I had never seen this done before, I was sure it wasn’t a new idea – given how hard it is to come up with new ideas these days. So in searching the web, I came across this one company called Living Ethos.


These bags aren’t anything new, but they’re presented well. Bright, bold, colourful – they sure bring life to each photo and party. They have bags for all audiences too – men, women, boys and girls. As well offer bags for all occasions, even weddings.



They come in 4 different sizes – as small as 3x3x2″ and as large as 15x11x3″. The large size fits board games, stuffed animals and laptop computers. So yes, you can use it to wrap your partner’s next electronic gadget – just not that big screen tv.





Check out Living Ethos online here!


> Christine

{ images from Living Ethos }

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