Let Pantone Brighten Your Day

If you’ve ever hung out at my place or Cassie’s place, you’ve probably noticed skinny swatch books lying around. Well those are Pantone swatch books, a vital tool we use to create many of the wedding designs you’ve seen posted to our blog. In Vancouver, you would probably only know them to be swatch books. But around the world, Pantone is quite the cultural phenomenon.

I first took notice when I was browsing a magazine my co-worker brought back from Japan. There was a cool ad for a “Transformer” cell phone, but next to it was an ad for a series of phones offered by Softbank in the 20 most popular Pantone colours.


If Pantone made all kinds of lifestyle products, it would sure be easy to get everything in your home to match. Oh wait a minute, they do! Check out these Pantone stools which also take on the personality of the swatch book.


And this Pantone paint series concept designed by Samy Halim. Love it.



Mugs to match as well…


But most fun of all, getting your outfit to match your decor. Uniqlo designed a line of cashmere sweaters that take on popular Pantone colours as well.



And finish it off with eyeglasses with swappable Pantone-coloured arms. And book bags or side satchels that look like you just tore off a page from the swatch book.



One thing’s for sure – you always notice colour first. Even if you don’t like the Pantone text written all over the product, ahhhh you can barely notice it.

This post is dedicated to you Derrick – for making fun of me for always buying brown and gray clothes. I will make an effort to add more colour into the wardrobe this year! (Well, that’s if you let me buy Paul Smith. JK)


> Christine

{ images from Geek Sugar, Design Boom, Samy Halim, W2 Products, PSFK.com, dethroner.com, and Pantone Universe Eyewear }

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  1. I’ve been eyeing those mugs for awhile! What a way to brighten up my work area. But now that I see those cell phones …. I think iPhone’s should follow their lead!

  2. Nice post Christine! I love Uni-Qlo! If you like browns and greys, you should check out Muji! They’re all about the neutrals.

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