It’s never too early to network.

Creative business cards aren’t just for adults anymore. If you’re a mom and you have a budding social butterfly in the house, you may have heard of playdate cards. They come in handy if your kids want to set up playdates but don’t have the motor skills to jot down contact info. For moms, sometimes a pen and paper isn’t on hand when you meet a new mom friend at the playground. Here are some that are perfect for the modern day kid:

Moo has some of my favourites, all found in their Forever Friends Business Cards package.

The cards from Felixdoolittle feature beautiful illustrations and have really nice classic feel to them.
Felixdoolittle Playdate Cards

The cards don’t have to be the standard business card size. I’m Inkpressed offers their playdate cards in a square shape with really cute drawings.

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