Opening Ceremonies: The Program

Last but not least, is the program from Friday’s spectacular affair. You know you’re in Vancouver when they think about giving you a plastic bag to keep your event goodies dry. Well this nicely printed piece was yet another cool souvenir to take home.

If you live in Vancouver, you might be sick of all the blue and green collage graphics the 2010 Games are using. Well this was a breath of fresh air. All silver, white and gray – very classy. The bright white patterns on the book are reminiscent of the light show put on inside the stadium that night.



Beautiful photography, all of the show’s contributors looked so distinguished.



Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Sarah Mclachlan, Donald Sutherland and more. These celeb choices made sense considering Celine Dion and David Foster have already had their shining moment. There’s so much talent in Canada to showcase, I’m thankful they didn’t go with the overdone/overpicked celebs. I hope we get to see more for the Closing Ceremonies!



Hope you enjoyed viewing some of the smaller details from the Opening Ceremonies. This brings it to a wrap on this week’s Olympics focus. Have a great week everyone!

> Christine

{ images taken by Christine }

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