I Choo-Choo-Choose You

Valentines Day as a child was really fun. I loved guessing the number of cinnamon hearts in the jar, making the paper mailbox that would hang over the side of my desk and going through the pile of cards that would eventually fill it. I’m not bragging… we had to give to cards to every classmate. Even so, the night before the big day I would carefully going through my selection of Valentines cards and choose the best ones to give to my closest friends or the boy I liked.

I remember when I first had to cut them out since they came on a single sheets. Then the cards featured my favourite cartoon character (Care Bears anyone?) and came perforated making it so much easier.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the retro Valentines, Fred Flare is here to help! They’re selling 50s Valentines cards in packs of 10. I love the distinctive illustration style and the cheesy sayings.

FredFlare Valentines 1

FredFlare Valentines 2

FredFlare Valentines 3

Back to 2010. It seems the tradition of giving cards on this day of love hasn’t changed much. The ever familiar box sets of the mini cards are still available. What has changed is that many also include tattoos, stickers or pencils. If that’s not enough, some were even lenticular (a fancy word for those cards that change image when you tilt them.) Regardless, they are still affordable with most being $2/box. I’d say, pick up a pack and send a little smile on Valentines Day. My paper mailbox is ready and waiting!

~ Cassie

{ images from Fred Flare }

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