Wedding Monograms

I love when print design is not only appealing to the eye, but to the touch too. Paper stock, weight and tactile details like embossing can really make a piece stand out. And when it comes to weddings, there’s nothing like a custom embossed monogram.

Christine and I LOVE designing wedding monograms. The personal detail it adds to a wedding invite can turn any generic design into a custom piece. To have it embossed really puts your stamp on it (literally) and it’s a really impressive detail that everyone will want to run their fingers over.

But aside from the embossing, I just love creating monograms that symbolize the union of the happy couple. In addition to have both initials, I like finding typographic ways to show two people coming together.

Here are some of the ones we’ve done:

Christine + Derrick Monogram

For Christine + Derrick I had the “c” be part of the “d”. The nature of embossing really lent itself to showing the “c” and “d” separate but together.

Emiliano + Jen Monogram

For my best friend Jen and her husband Emilano, their initials really fit into my ampersand idea. I LOVE ampersands and what a perfect way to symbolize the joining of two people!

Lillian + Kevin Monogram

For our friends Lillian + Kevin, Christine had the “k” wrap around the “l”. It’s a really pretty font and such an elegant monogram.

Amy + Reuben Monogram

And for my cousin Amy and her fiancee Reuben, I had the “a” and the “r” wrap together – almost like they’re holding hands. I love editing the shapes of the letters to really make them fit together.

I’ve seen other wedding monograms that have the full name or involve other elements. For me, I think there’s something really nice about just using the first initials in a well-designed way. It’s like creating a logo – sometimes simple is best!

~ Cassie

{ images taken by Christine }

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