Friday with KOR

My Starbucks travel mug has finally found its match. Or…ahem… its superior. KOR ONE Bottles are now the new conversation piece at work, the lunch table and the workout room. Water redesigned and beautified.

I am a chai tea latte addict looking for a healthier alternative. It’s not that chai isn’t healthy, but when you drink it every morning at work, it starts to worry people like my husband! So I’ve been taking my chai to work in a Starbucks travel mug because the lids are awesome – you can throw it in your purse and not have anything spill. Just make sure your drink isn’t filled to the top.

So until Derrick forwarded me an article from Fast Company on KOR, I thought my mug was superior. Reading about KOR introduced me to a line of bottles that were more than just practical. The lid pops off via hinge, the spout is comfort for your lips, the handle is just damn cool and the colours make it fun to play with. They’re BPA-free too (for those concerned with using plastic water bottles).


Normally Cassie and I like to stick with print design for this blog, but I couldn’t resist sharing these with you. I’m not old, but in the last 10 years I’ve become such a weakling – I’m struggling to open jar lids in the fridge. So despite the pretty transparent colours, the style of lid gives me a reason to buy. I still hesitate before buying plastics though; but I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. I’ve been looking for a bottle to replace the juice boxes I’ve been taking to work!


There is also a special edition series with pretty graphics. $5 from the sale of each bottle goes towards KOR’s Thirst for Giving Water cause. Each bottle is a whopping $35 each…

KOR_Bottles4_525w copy


I vote for green. Now what to do…splurge on KOR? or another pair of shoes…

One last note, Cassie and I will announce the Peter Pauper prize winner for Week 4 on Monday, along with the grand prize winner…! Today is your last chance to enter!

Have a great weekend everyone.

> Christine

{ images from KOR }

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  1. I am interested in purchasing the KOR water bottle. Please send me the information of how I can buy this.

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