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A couple months ago, my lucky husband had the chance to visit Tokyo for a week. Amidst the eating, train rides and getting lost, he did manage to find the MoMA and bring back goodies…

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was so excited to see the Piperoids he brought back. But I blush, as to this date we still haven’t tried putting them together. We keep forgetting okay?

Well, he also managed to bring one more item. A precious photo of the Detour exhibit from the MoMA in Tokyo – a Moleskine exhibition that showcases notebooks from a variety of designers. Now when I describe this picture as precious, it’s the one photo he managed to snap before getting his hand slapped for taking pictures inside the museum.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Moleskine. No matter how big my urge is to create my own notebook, nothing compares to their soft covers. So finding out about Detour, an exhibit displayed in major cities around the world, I was in love. These designers are so inventive when it comes to transforming their Moleskine. Take a look at a few of my favourite Moleskine transformations:

The first picture is from our personal photo collection.







For Vancouverites, I just learned one Moleskine secret. If you’re looking for a new agenda, wait until the first week of January and visit the Vancouver Art Gallery Gift Shop. This year, they had all Moleskine agendas up to 70% off! My husband and I were there last Saturday and they still had plenty of stock on a variety of styles. I felt so burned when I saw that. Wha wha.

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{ images from Moleskine }

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