The Pressures of Dating a Stationery Aficionado

It was my birthday this past weekend and it dawned on me the pressures of buying a card for a stationery lover. Not everyone is into all things print and for a lot of people the card is an afterthought or a, “crap, I forgot to get a card…where’s the nearest dollar store?”

My boyfriend spends a lot of time finding the right card. While he prides himself on the effort he puts forth, he realized it was a whole other ballgame when buying for someone who covets stationery all day long. Gripped with the fear of giving a terrible card that I would mock internally, this folded piece of paper became the most difficult part of the gift giving process.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, fear not – I have some suggestions! (These also apply to stationery aficionados who are under pressure to give the best card EVER because after all, you covet stationery all day long.)

Bumble Ink Ninja Bday

First, get off the beaten track. Hallmark and other chain card stores can have some good picks but for something really impressive, visit an independent stationery or gift shop. They’ll often carry handmade or small run cards that are creative, unique and likely unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. Or head online! Etsy is a great place to start.

Bumble Ink Fire Bday

Second, look for a card that speaks to some aspect of the recipient. For example, Christine likes cupcakes so I got her a cupcake card one year. My brother likes to DJ, so I got him a cheeky card that references his old age and spinning records. This is pretty straightforward. All it takes is a bit of time and thought. Don’t settle for a generic drawing with a typical message. If you can give the same card to a few people in your life, keep looking.

Bumble Ink Unicorn Bday

Third, when in doubt, go with humor. Unless they’re uptight and lame, you can’t go wrong. There are TONS of really funny cards out there, with my current favourites being from Bumble Ink (as seen throughout this post). I featured their Christmas cards here and they have awesome ones for all other occasions.

Finally, if you’re feeling creative and have the time, make your own. Everyone appreciates the effort and no one will criticize something you’ve made personally. If they do, I believe you can find something fitting at the dollar store.

~ Cassie

{ images from Bumble Ink }

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