Five for Friday – Tetra Wine

One of the joys of the holidays is getting together with friends and having yummy food and drink. This means visiting the local liquor store and stocking up on wine since bringing yourself just isn’t enough! I was in the store yesterday looking for an organic choice when I stumbled upon Ciao, a wine from Italy of the Sangiovese variety. And it comes in a Tetra Pak!

Now, there is something nice about uncorking a bottle. Unscrewing or pull tabbing off a Tetra Pak just doesn’t have the same magic. With environmental concerns and the lack of available cork, it was only a matter of time before packaging for wine went in different directions. I’m not a traditionalist when it comes to wine (I have been known to buy wine just for the label) so why not give Tetra Paks a try.

The reviews for Ciao have been mixed at best but I’ll taste for myself tomorrow. It may not be a bad idea to have a back up bottle. Here are some other Tetra Pak wine choices, with French Rabbit having been on the scene for a few years now. Next time you’re in the store, pick up a “bottle” and give it a go. Have a safe and happy weekend!

French Rabbit:

Tetra Pak French Rabbit Wines



Long Flat, an Aussie wine company:

Tetra Pak Long Flat

Village Du Sud:

Tetra Pak Village Du Sud

Green Path Chardonnay from Whole Foods:

Tetra Pak Green Path

{ images from French Rabbit, Ciao, Long Flat, Rob Winton’s Flickr, Package Design Magazine }

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