Holiday Paper Art

The snow has started falling in Vancouver and the holiday preparations are in full swing. Despite the cold, I trekked out to Granville Island this weekend and came across some wonderful paper art Christmas cards made by lovely local N. David.

If you can’t tell by this blog, we love paper art and it’s nice to see it being made by local artists. N. David sells his cards only at Granville Island and unfortunately Sunday was his last day. But he was so kind in sharing with me a bit of the history behind his creations and in fact has been mastering his art for 13 years. He learned from a book by a Japanese architect who developed paper cutting techniques to showcase designs. After getting the hang of it, he has now branched out to his own designs and passing his skills onto others.

Not only do his creations stand and pop out but there’s a layer of coloured tissue behind so when you shine a light behind, they glow.

Lucky for me I got to take some photos at his table to share with all of you and if you’d like to find out when he’ll be selling his cards again, he can be reached at


ndavid 3kings

ndavid ornament

ndavid santa

ndavid santa lit

ndavid santa piano

ndavid snowman

ndavid triangles

And the artist himself:

ndavid artist

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  1. Met you today at your stall and was very impressed.
    It was a pleasure talking with you and seeing a man enjoying his skills

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